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We focused on:

  • Cloud Labeling
  • Cloud Training
  • Cloud Inference

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Successful use cases

Seed Germination Counting

CloudLabeling enables the automatic detection of germinated and non-germinated seeds in microscopic images. SeedQuant is powered by CloudLabeling for the high-throughput counting and automatic estimation of germination ratio.

Dendritic Spine Analysis

CloudLabeling enables the automatic detection and recognition in nano-scale bio-images.

Fish Behavior Analysis

CloudLabeling enables automatic detection and tracking of fish for behavior analysis.

Satellite Imaging

CloudLabeling enables the mapping of assets from satellite images .

Overfishing prevention

CloudLabeling enables the automatic recognition of catching fish for regulation purposes


Bernard Ghanem

Associate Professor

Cheng Zheng

Software Engineer Consultant

Silvio Giancola

Research Scientist

Ali Thabet

Research Scientist

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